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The Grateful Dead House in Haight Ashbury

Haight Ashbury Deadhead History

Just minutes from our affordable hotel in San Francisco is the house that was occupied by the legendary Grateful Dead in the mid-sixties. Jerry Garcia and other band members lived at 710 Ashbury Street (at Waller near Haight Street from 1965 to 1968), including the famed 'Summer of Love' in 1967.

Devout fans, known as Deadheads, make the pilgrimage from all over the world to view the iconic Grateful Dead house in Haight Ashbury where music history was made. The Grateful Dead formed in 1965 and it was here that their unique style of rock, folk, bluegrass, blues, gospel, country, jazz, and reggae came together in the style that is unique to this renowned group. Influenced by John Coltrane's style of improvisation, as well as the psychedelic experience, the band formed first as the Warlocks, later changing their name to the Grateful Dead. The band often played at the Fillmore Auditorium and the Avalon Ballroom, and until the death of Jerry Garcia, often played impromptu gigs at local parks and venues.

The Haight hippy scene in the 60's was characterized by the youth movement, starting out as love, freedom, and flower power, then moving into drugs and violence, as hippies demonstrated against the Vietnam War. The Grateful Dead’s music captured the sentiments of this historic period and remains a timeless representation of this tumultuous era. The Grateful Dead developed a cult following with many Deadheads following the band across the country.

The three story Victorian, known as the Grateful Dead house, is a privately owned house-it is not a museum. Despite that, a trip to San Francisco would be incomplete without a drive past this historical residence.

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Walking Directions (about 15 minutes):
Head right down Divisadero Street out of Metro Hotel, travel 1.5 blocks to Haight Street and take a right, after 6 blocks turn left down Ashbury Street, a little over 1 block down is 710 Ashbury Street.

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