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It all happened here: Haight-Ashbury was the place to be in 1967—due to low-priced rooms and burgeoning creative forces, especially in music, the San Francisco neighborhood became a cultural center for the hippie counterculture movement and the Summer of Love.

Today Haight-Ashbury is still a vibrant community that offers something for just about everyone, from Victorian Architecture to vintage clothing stores and music shops. The area east of Masonic Ave. in particular has become known for dance clubs and shops, while stores west of the street take on a more upscale vibe. Keeping with its past, you may find the neighborhood often keeps a pleasant laid-back attitude throughout the day—a feeling probably helped by the numerous parks scattered throughout the area, including Buena Vista Park.

Besides its stores and history, Haight-Ashbury sports a number of comedy clubs and other venues for live music. There's no reason why you shouldn't pay a visit during your stay at the Metro Hotel: we're located just one block from Haight street, and six from the famous intersection. Book a stay and see why the Metro Hotel is one of the top hotels Haight Ashbury visitors love!

Walking Directions (about 5 minutes):
Head right down Divisadero Street out of Metro Hotel, travel 1.5 blocks to Haight Street and take a right, it's 6 blocks from here to Ashbury Street.

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